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Some Days I Just Can’t

Some Days I Just Can’t

Some Days I Just Can’t
Philippians 4:13
“I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me.”

Some days I wake up and I just can’t. I can’t face the world. I can’t even get the energy to put my feet on the ground and keep on living. Some days the obstacles seem too big. Some days the suffering is too overwhelming. I just can’t. BUT, there is good news, when I can’t, Christ can. When I am weak, He is strong. When I can’t face the day, He can. When I don’t think I can take one more painful step, He can.
I have tried to face the day in my own strength. I have tried to push through the pain, to be independent and do it all. It doesn’t work. In a world that emphasizes the “I can do it myself, I am woman watch me roar” there is little room to let God become powerful in our weaknesses. I have been that woman. But being that woman creates a dependence on myself and not God’s infinite power. Who am I to think that I am wiser than God and can do things in my own strength? 

When I give myself over to God, mind, body and soul and truly let go of doing things in my strength He becomes my pillar, my rock, my advocate and gives me more power and peace to go on than any human, myself or those around me could ever come close to giving me. Everyday He holds me up. He keeps me from drowning. He supplies all of my needs and gives me exactly what I need. Each day I pray for Manna. Manna is God giving me what I need when I need it. The manna comes from all different places, sometimes the places I least expect it, but it always comes.

My prayers do not fall on deaf ears. He hears it all. He sees each tear, he weeps with me and collects my tears in a bottle. He is for me not against me. On the days I just can’t He becomes my can. He walks me through the fires and leads me through the ashes. He takes the ashes and makes beauty. I see small pieces of beauty springing up even on the days I just can’t.
Our God is great, our God is good. When I just can’t He just can.



One thought on “Some Days I Just Can’t

  1. You’re words are so true! I too used to think that I could fix everything & caused myself so much stress. Even as I struggle with Multiple Myeloma , I was worrying about fixing things for my family members. I finally realized that worrying was doing neither them or me any good. I feel better now that I am relying on God & acknowledging that I can’t control or fix anything. Your words have solidified it for me. Thank you!

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