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Peace Through My Hardest Day…Yet

Peace Through My Hardest Day…Yet

In this episode, I do a full update on my husband Luke’s cancer and our hardest day yet. I share how I have found peace in God.

From my book, Cancer Can’t Crush Us


Through the most trying days of my life, I am just beginning to grasp the depths of God’s love. Just beginning to see, to feel, to touch the immense love he has for all of us. I have believed in God and Jesus since I was a young child, but not until recently when going through this storm have I fully understood what it means to have God as a friend, as an advocate, and as a source of strength.

There was a time when I turned to friends too much for strength. I would look to them to carry me through and offer me comfort that only God can give. I have since learned that God is the best source of strength and comfort. God is the source of my strength. Friends and family are a gift, they are the pillars that support me as I draw from my one and only true strength, God.

I have also come to understand and believe that if God allowed it, I can accept it. That simple phrase has given me such peace. There is nothing that happens to me that he doesn’t already know every detail of. He may not cause the pain and sickness, but he has allowed it. Now I can rest peacefully in that fact.

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