Shattered 2 Peace

Encouraging and Walking Beside Women Affected by Trauma


Today your world may have stopped. You may have heard the word cancer, watched a loved one breathe their last breath or feel like there is no hope in any direction. You may feel like you are on the biggest roller coaster of your life and you are so dizzy that you don’t know which way is up and which way is down. If so, you are in the right place. We are women who have known our share of trauma. We have faced the unthinkable and have somehow remained in a place of peace. It sounds contradictory to be able to live in peace and pain at that same time. It is humanly impossible, but it is heavenly possible. We share stories of God and how He has helped us through the hardest times of our lives. We use this motivational blog as a place to lay our burdens down and take a moment to just breathe. To put away the distractions, the diapers, the bills, the never-ending meal prep and take time for you, you are worth it. You have found a place where people get you. We are scarred and bruised and bloody from the battle of life, but through God we are warriors. He has given us the peace that is beyond comprehension and only in that peace we are able to rest. It is through that rest that He gives us the strength to rise once again, and when we rise, we will fight. We don’t fight physically, we fight in prayer, we battle it out on our knees, We pray for strength to make it through the day and sometimes just strength for the moment in front of us, As we stare pain and sorrows in the face we know that in HIM we are more than conquerors, we know that we will have the strength to persevere. And as we persevere we become completely and totally shattered to peace…

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Beautiful Song- You're Going to be Okay